Business Advisory Services

Image Align Left APOYO Consultoría is the leading firm in business advisory services and a recognized strategic partner in decision making processes that involve economic, financial, business and public management issues. » view services
  • Economic Studies
  • Applied Economics
  • Corporate Finance
  • Management Consulting
  • Public Management
  • Investment Management

Corporate Communication Services

Image Align Left APOYO Comunicación provides companies with solutions for strategic communications to manage reputations, brands and risk prevention. Its success is rooted in its in-depth knowledge of its clients’ business and stakeholders. » view services
  • Strategic Communications Advisory
  • Stakeholders and Reputation Studies
  • Digital Communications
  • Internal Communications
  • Sustainability and Social Responsibility

Administrative Management Services

Image Align Left APOYO Gestión Operativa offers its clients management accounting, personnel management and legal as well as tax advisory services with a special emphasis on activities that require an intensive use of qualified personnel. » view services
  • Consultancy Services for Operations Management
  • Legal, Tax and Corporate Advisory Services
  • Human Resources Management
  • Billing and Collections

Enterprise Risk Management

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APOYO Group also provides a variety of services for Enterprise Risk Management. Based on the COSO ERM and ISO 31000 methodologies, these services have been designed to help our clients to systematize their risks, generate an organizational culture alert for risks and reduce the surprises that might interpose against achieving objectives.

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  • Risk Agenda
  • Risk Management Plans
  • Emerging Risks Workshop
  • Early Warning System
  • Risk Alert Organizational Culture
13 may, 2016
Las profesiones en jaque

Las denominadas profesiones liberales –medicina, abogacía, arquitectura, contabilidad, etc.– se constituyeron para contribuir a resolver problemas de personas que no tenían el conocimiento o el tiempo para enfrentarlos por su cuenta. Su ejercicio ético resultó un elemento esencial y estabilizador de toda sociedad moderna...

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Information of Interest

Entrevista a FOZ: “lo bueno de lo malo del proceso ha sido reconocer errores”

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Our commitment to education

Image Align Left For more than twenty years, Instituto APOYO has designed and executed innovative proposals in the field of education to develop capacities and useful life skills.


  • Matemáticas para Todos
  • Empresa para Todos
  • Ciencia para Todos – Experimento
  • Gestión Educativa para Todos

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