APOYO Comunicación – Services

Address: Av. Camino Real 390 Torre Central Piso 8, San Isidro, Lima – PerúTelephone: (51-1) 205 3900

Web Site: www.apoyocomunicacion.com

At APOYO Comunicacion we provide comprehensive communications solutions based on an in-depth knowledge of the characteristics of our clients’ businesses and audiences to offer truly effective strategies.

We are a multi-disciplinary team that manages a global vision of communications that runs the gamut from diagnostic and strategy design to implementing, evaluating and measuring the value that communications efforts contribute to the business.

Corporate Communications and Crisis Management

We have a team of experts that specializes in integral and strategic management of reputations. Our objective is to minimize the damage generated by media reports of unforeseen events, which can affect the health or continuity of a business, and to contribute to rebuilding the company’s reputation.

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Studies of Stakeholders and Reputation

We use our own research methodology to develop strategies for communications and stakeholders relations. Our studies help clients understand perceptions and prioritize stakeholder relations to meet objectives relative to positioning, minimizing risks and positioning/identifying issues that affect sustainability.

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Digital Communications

We seek to ensure that our clients have an active presence on digital platforms by developing contents of interest for each of their audiences. We think beyond “likes” or “followers” to develop projects that allow companies to build close and lasting relations.

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Internal communication

We build strategies that inspire, motivate and encourage employees to buy into the objectives set by the business and the organization. To accomplish this, we study all of the profiles that co-exist within a company; strengthen the role of leaders as agents of communication; and optimize spaces for interaction.

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Sustainability and Social Responsibility

We believe Sustainability is a form of management that effectively combines social and environmental interests with a company’s economic objectives. We offer solutions for sustainability that are equipped with quantifiable objectives that contribute to building and strengthening a company’s reputation.

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Local communication

We handle all communication between the company´s construction site and its neighbors, so that our customers can focus on completing the work within the time scheduled, and operate in harmony with their environment, this helps maintaining the company´s reputation and build stronger relationship with different stakeholders.

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