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Address: Av. 28 de Julio 1038, San Antonio, Miraflores, Lima – Perú
Telephone: (51-1) 201 8070
Sitio web: institutoapoyo.org.pe

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Instituto APOYO is a non-profit organization that was created in 1989 by Grupo APOYO as part of its commitment to society. Its mission is to design and develop innovative approaches to education and social outreach in alliance with leading entities in the field of social responsibility. The goal is to promote globally competitive and socially inclusive development for all Peruvians.

Instituto APOYO believes that education that is grounded in critical thinking, scientific curiosity, leadership, entrepreneurship and innovation plays a pivotal role in transforming Peruvian society.


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  • Matemáticas para Todos
  • Empresa para Todos
  • Ciencia para Todos – Experimento
  • Gestión Educativa para Todos

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