Programs of Social Responsibility

  • Matemáticas para Todos is a comprehensive and innovative pedagogical program to teach and learn mathematics, one of life’s fundamental tools. The objectives are: encourage children and young people to love mathematics; strengthen logical reasoning; achieve long-lasting goals; and improve students’ performance in this subject.

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    This program helps build pre-math capacities and skills in boys and girls under the age of 5. Its objective is to teach concepts of numbers and form through play, object manipulation and communication so that children can discover new knowledge. Matemáticas para Todos• Inicial provides a game box for boys and girls that is equipped with a guide for teachers, who also receive training and specialized advisory services.

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    This program offers sessions to strengthen math skills so that boys and girls in grades 1° to 6° can learn and relate to mathematics through play and the use of concrete objects.

    This is a day-long festival with math games, contests and fun to teach children to love mathematics through extracurricular outdoor activities.

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  • This program is directed at students in the last years of high school and at centers for vocational and job training. It seeks to develop entrepreneurial and business management skills to promote sustainable business efforts; allow students to access better job opportunities; and link young people with the private sector.

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    This program is derived from the Empresa para Todos initiative. Through this effort, young professionals work with high school students to improve their entrepreneurial skills.

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  • Ciencias para Todos • Experimento aims to improve and strengthen school age children’s knowledge of science, technology, health and the environment. The main inputs for daily classroom activities are provided in a box that contains 40 different experiments and a student log.  Teachers attend training workshops and specialized advisors visit classrooms.

    This program was developed through an Alliance with Siemens Stiftung. Its first year of activities focused on 3° and 4° grade classrooms in four schools in Chilca and eight in Talara. This program is also conducted in Colombia, Chile and Argentina.

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  • The Gestión Educativa para Todos program aims to train and up-date school directors at institutions throughout the country. These individuals hold strategic positions and generate a multiplier effect to improve the quality of teaching at academic institutions.

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